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Mel Gibson’s shares his views on Desmond Doss: Part 2

“He would stick his life on the line, again and again and again.” What happened at Hacksaw Ridge continues to impress.

Interview with Goran D. Kleut

Australian actor Goran D Kleut shares his thoughts while on the red carpet for the Australian launch of Hacksaw Ridge.

Teresa Palmer’s red carpet interview

“It’s beautiful, refreshing – and we need more of that in our world.” This up-and-coming Australian actor discusses the touching relationship between Dorothy and Desmond Doss.

Neil Thompson on the kindness shown by Desmond Doss

“Des was such a balanced person – considering how often he was in the firing line by those in his unit.” Neil Thompson explores what would drive Desmond Doss to show kindness and goodness to his fellow man, even in circumstances that were difficult and challenging.

Justin Lawman on the powers of good and evil in Hacksaw Ridge

“Whether you’re an atheist, an agnostic or a believer – there’s good and evil in the world.” Justin Lawman outlines the powers of good and evil in the world, and the choices we must make every day to make sure the good always shines through.

Matt Parra on Desmond Doss and The Sabbath

“Desmond Doss doesn’t just keep a sabbath – he keeps The Sabbath.” Matt Parra outlines why this one day of the week was so important for Desmond, and the impact it can have in our own lives.

Mel Gibson’s interview with Greg Laurie

In this interview with Greg Laurie at the SoCal Harvest Crusade in late August, Hacksaw Ridge director Mel Gibson outlines why the story of Desmond Doss needs to be shared. Elsewhere, Gibson also talks about a potential follow up to another of his powerful films with religious influence – The Passion of the Christ.

This Is Your Life: Desmond Doss

In this 30-minute special, World War II hero Desmond Doss is reunited with colleagues, comrades and friends from his early life. It’s a unique opportunity to hear how this hero who never touched a gun changed people’s lives – not just those he saved on the battlefield.