Hacksaw Ridge: Challenge

Take the 7-question Online Challenge now. You’ll find out how your courage compares to that of Doss in adverse life situations.

Multi Choice Questionnaire

You are Hollywood

0-5: Hollywood – You live for yourself – You’re a survivor but not a contributor – aimless in life. Discover purpose and a reason for living in these life-changing Faith of Doss study guides

You are Ghoul

6-11: Ghoul – You want to do right, but often don’t get there – You don’t leave a lasting legacy behind. Explore how to live a life worth living and with no regrets through these life-changing Faith of Doss study guides

You are Smitty

12-17: Smitty – You have heart, but sometimes miss the mark – You do what’s right but don’t always know what right actually is. Discover absolute truths that will give you certainty, hope and meaning for this life and the next through the eye-opening Faith of Doss study guides.

You are Doss

18-21: Doss – You know who you are and where you’re going – you’re a person of courage and conviction that others admire. But what good is selflessness in a selfish, finite world? Discover eternal hope beyond this short life through the life-changing Faith of Doss study guides

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Thanks for being brave enough to complete the Hacksaw Ridge Online Challenge.

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